Diamond Balazhi was born October 7, 1992 in Macedonia. At the age of 5, Diamond discovered a record player in his house, randomly placed ZZ Top’s “Greatest Hits” album on the turntable, and began a love affair with rock and the blues. At 14, he started playing classical guitar at a private music school in Struga, Macedonia, and studied privately under Oliver Kitanoski. His collegiate studies were at ‎Goce Delčev Jazz Academy in Štip, Macedonia, where he studied under Ilja Pejovski, Toni Kitanoski, Goce Micanov, and Sasho Poposki. During this time, Diamond was a gig musician for a range of genres, from jazz and blues, to metal and rock n’ roll.

Musically, Diamond draws his inspiration from all across the globe. From that initial discovery of Blues/Rock, Southern Rock, Soul he has found the majority of his musical inspiration from the likes of Rory Gallagher, The Allman Brothers, Bernie Marsden, David Gilmour and of course, blues legends such as Robert Johnson, T-Bone Walker, and Corey Harris. Through his studies and of course from where he’s coming from, he also came to appreciate and assimilate in some way the musical styling of India’s classical music, Turkish, Greek and all the Middle Eastern Music also Mali Blues and Celtic Folk Music.

Upon finishing his college studies, Diamond packed up his gear and moved to Chicago, Illinois, where he is beginning his music career in earnest with his debut album, “Lies.”